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The whole thing is a two step process:


Order online via Kroger ClickList
Note: All online ordering from Kroger takes place on the Kroger site. We provide links to take you there with one click.  
You will return to this site ( to place your order for delivery. 

In order to be able to order online from Kroger, you need an Online ClickList Account.  


Creating this account is a simple three step process (detailed below) that only takes mere seconds.  There is no charge to create or have an Online ClickList Account.  


Once you click on the "Shop Online At Kroger CLickList" button below, a new window will open, and you will be taken through 3 easy steps.  


The steps you will undertake, once you click the button below are:


Step 1 -  Choose your Store .  You MUST choose the Kroger that was indicated when you entered you zip code on the main page of this site. 


Step 2 - Enter your Email address and choose a password


Step 3 - Enter your Kroger Plus or Alt ID #


A Kroger Plus Card is required to use Online Shopping. Please enter your Plus Card number or 10-digit Alternate ID.  If you do not have one, there is a link on this page for you to get a Digital Plus Card, online, instantly!  



Once you have created your ClickList, you will remain on that page to do your shopping. 


Select all the items you wish to purchase, add them to your cart.  


In the Kroger Online Checkout Phase, you will be asked to select a time for pickup.  Pickup times are slotted in 1 hour intervals.  


Here you will choose the time interval you wish for US TO PICK UP YOUR GROCERIES AND DELIVER THEM TO YOU.  


Proceed to check out of the Kroger Online Shopping Site. NOTE: You do not pay on the Kroger site.  You will pay us via a secure Payment link when you schedule your request for delivery. 


After a succesfully placed Kroger Online order you will receive a confirmation email that details:

  • Your Kroger Online Order Total

  • Your Pick up time

  • Your Order Number   


This email is your indication that your kroger Online Shopping Checkout was completed succesfully.  If you do not receive a Confirmation email from Kroger Online Ordering at the end of Checkout, please review your checkout, as your order possibly did not go thru, or some information was missing. 



Tell us when to pick up your Online Order and Deliver it to you



Now that you have finished shopping, you need to have your goods brought to you! 



You will schedule a delivery using our very brief Delivery Form that lets us know when and where you would like your goods delivered.    Its just a matter of giving us your name, delivery address and time and date you selected as your preferred grocery Pick up time, so we can go pick them up for you


Once your payment is complete, you simply relax and we will arrive at the scheduled time with your goods!


Please allow up to 45 minutes after the end of your chosen pickup time interval for us to arrive at your house.  

For Example, if you choose 10AM-11AM as your pickup time interval, the LATEST we will arrive at your home with your Groceries is 11:45 AM.   


We will do our very best to deliver your groceries within the time frame you choose, under the guidelines specified above.  As time slots fill up, we might have to adjust delivery times.  Should the time slot you chose for delivery on the Online Ordering page not be available on our end for delivery, we will call you ASAP to let you know of the delay.  In most cases this will never happen, and if they do, delays will be minimal, so please ensure to provide a phone number where we can reach you!




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