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How to best avoid Impulse Buying at the Grocery Store.

Sticking to healthy eating is difficult in our busy lives. It can be a struggle going to the grocery store where companies market with us busy folks directly in mind by offering convenience at the expense of our waistlines and wallets. Too often we swing by the grocery store to get a few items and end up in line with hundreds of dollars of unintended food. Below are some tips to help you stick to a budget and eating plan and avoid impulse buys.

  • Stay on the Perimeter- Most of the processed stuff is in the middle aisles while fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and dairy products are around the outside. These items around the outside should be the bulk of your shopping.

  • Make a List- More importantly, stick to the list! If you’re anything like me, you leave the list on the kitchen counter at home. Point being, you know what you need so try to buy just the essentials. If you need something from the center aisles, get in and get out. Don’t stroll and look around and end up with eight of the latest “buy one get one free” meal-in-a-box.

  • Use a Grocery Delivery Service- Ordering online and getting your groceries delivered to your front door is a bullet proof plan. Once you have your menu for the week, you enter exactly what you need. This eliminates impulse buying completely and most grocery delivery services also price check for you to make sure you are getting the best deal in the store. Having your groceries delivered may seem like a luxury but I’d venture to say that some of us would save in the long run.

  • Never Shop Hungry- You’ve heard it before; I’ll say it again. Never, ever, ever, do your grocery shopping hungry. It is bad news. The last time I did it, I came home with a ridiculously sized tray of those pickles bites wrapped in ham and cream cheese. I shudder to think of it. You are best off grabbing a high protein snack to eat while you shop than you are to stay hungry.

These are really simple tips that do make a big difference. Whether you decide to go for the no fail plan of having your groceries delivered, or keep a protein bar in your purse for emergencies, your health and ur budget will improve.

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