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A Guide to Cooking Monthly Freezer Meals

Monthly meal planning can be a daunting task but the benefits are well worth the time invested. It is especially beneficial after having a baby, post-surgery, and an excellent strategy for busy folks who like to stick to a healthy diet. Convenience foods are quick and easy and usually full of additives, high in sodium, and artificial flavors. Below are some tips that will help you stay organized and efficient in the kitchen.

  1. Clear The Entire Day- The day you are going to prepare and freeze your meals, you will want to focus entirely on this project. From set up to clean up it will be a long day and you will not want to be distracted by other projects. Focus is key!

  2. Wear comfortable shoes- In the kitchen?? Yes. Standing on your feet all day is rough! I like to wear my running shoes when I’m doing my monthly meals. It saves my back and helps me move around the kitchen more efficiently.

  3. Use Large Gallon Freezer Bags- This is an excellent space saver. Once you have the bags full, suck out extra air with a straw before sealing. The freezer bags hold soup, sauces, and rice dishes and lay flat one on top of the other so you can store several bags on one shelf.

  4. Use Grocery Delivery Service- How many of us forget one or two key items when we go to the hustle and bustle grocery store? Not to mention coming home with a slew of items not on the menu. Having your groceries delivered by a service like The Grocery Runners will allow you to sit quietly at home, free from distraction, with your list and choose only the items you need for your cooking day. A grocery delivery service allows you to do repeat menus easily as you can gave the same groceries delivered to your door once or twice a month with ease.

It will certainly be a day of hard work but it is so nice to come home and pop a ready-made meal into the oven. You do not have to compromise health for convenience. Freezer meals will allow you to have more leisure time and still stick to a healthy, whole foods diet. You will find many great recipes online and with these helpful steps, be on the road to easy street in no time.

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