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Using a Grocery Delivery Service for True Rest and Relaxation

Have you ever heard the saying, “I need a vacation from my vacation!”? Yes, because travel can be stressful, especially when traveling with children. Over the years I have developed a few guidelines for travel that allow for us to truly relax while on vacation. Instead of feeling stressed out and completely exhausted, you can achieve the rejuvenation that you truly need!

First, ditch the hotels. Hotels don’t allow for much relaxation because you don’t really want to be there. It is only meant for sleeping and showering. Instead, go to one of the many sites that allow you rent a home for a week or two. You can find lots of very reasonable vacation rentals by owners. These places feel like a home! Full kitchens allow for family style sit down meals and eliminate that need to find a restaurant for every meal! Find a place with a pool and Jacuzzi and some days you won’t even want to leave! Now that's relaxation!

When you have you accommodations, look into grocery delivery service. The last thing you want to do when trying to enjoy your new surroundings is head into the hustle bustle of the grocery shopping district, navigating more traffic in your rental car. Grocery delivery services allow you to plan ahead for meals and for those of you who like an itinerary written in stone, this is a wonderful option. You can even have your groceries delivered before you arrive, if you can arrange for it with the company you are renting the house from. Imagine a fully stocked refrigerator after a long day of travel!

Lastly, you know that itinerary written in stone? Smash it! Don’t overbook activities. Don't forget to leave room for days when you just what to hang out in your beautiful vacation rental. Stay flexible so that if you happen upon something you didn’t see when you researched the area, you can go do whatever, whenever. Keep in mind that children don’t always follow that rock solid schedule and eliminating the stress of keeping an itinerary is the best plan.

With these simple tips, we’ve come home from our last few vacations truly relaxed and refreshed. Home like accommodations, grocery delivery service, and flexible itinerary. This is the recipe for vacation.

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