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Our society as a whole is moving towards home delivery. . .

Some things we cannot avoid. Thanksgiving dinner. The obligatory children’s birthday party. Hosting your in-laws when they visit from out of town. These things are very difficult for a true introvert. We use all of our energy being “on” and crave nothing more than to crawl back into comfy clothes and settle in with Netflix.

This day in age, however, there are some things those of us who prefer to avoid the noise and the crowds can truly avoid and still be a legitimate member of the human race. Let me give you some examples:

Christmas shopping. Do you know how many malls I went to this year? ZERO! Amazon Prime has got the Christmas spirit! I ordered every single gift from the comfort of my desk, with my coffee steaming next to me and my car collecting snow in the driveway.

Did you know that you can have your groceries delivered to your front door? When I discovered this, I was floored. No more LINES! No more PARKING LOTS! No more paralyzing terror when you run into that annoying mom from your kids’ school in aisle 3 and have to live every introverts nightmare. Small Talk. Shudder. The day I googled “Grocery Delivery Service” was the day I honored my solitary soul.

Have children. Counterintuitive, you say? There is no better escape from the dreaded social event than the inability to find a babysitter, or your kids is running a fever. And, if you are already at said dreaded event no one will argue with you when you have to leave the party early because your three year old needs his nap. (AKA: You have to be home when your groceries are delivered.)

Modern day conveniences are an introverts dream come true. Think of all the stress you can eliminate by shamelessly taking advantage of the ability to stay home instead of doing the things that you have to mentally prepare for and mentally deactivate from. Don’t be afraid to use these tools to your advantage.

Put your comfy pants, and keep your fingers crossed that the grocery delivery service guy isn’t too chatty.

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