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The ABC’s of Grocery Delivery Services

These services are life changing for people with disabilities and even for those who just feel swamped by the daily grind. For families with small children, grocery shopping can be a nightmare.

Many things can keep us homebound like surgery, child birth, lack of transportation, anxiety, etc. Getting your groceries delivered to your front door is easy if you follow these simple steps.

Call your local grocery store and ask them if they offer a groceries delivery service such as

Smaller, family owned shops will likely just have you place your order over the phone which is fine if you are familiar with the products they carry. Larger chains will usually have online services that allow you to browse at your convenience and leisure. You can Google, look at your local paper or craigslist for individuals offering services. They may be more versatile than having groceries delivered by a supermarket as they can offer to run additional errands for you as well. Of course you can place an ad in these places seeking assistance as well.

Contact your local churches or other charity services if you have a disability. These organizations often offer assistance to those in need. Keep in mind these services usually have very specific guidelines you must meet in order to utilize their programs. Be sure to ask about extra charges as most places will charge a service fee including for gas mileage depending on how far you are from the store itself. Also, specify if you want best priced items or for them to stick to specific brands (organic vs conventional, commercial vs local, etc) With all of these options in our modern world, there are so many ways to save our time and sanity.

By following the above the guidelines and researching your options, life can be made easier. Don’t hesitate to explore these avenues to bring the food you and your family love right to your doorstep.

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