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Eating Healthy does not have to be a challenge. . .

Eating a whole foods diet is your best way to maintaining a healthy weight and providing optimal care to your mind and body. Falling into the habit of eating boxed, premade foods that are high in sodium, and ingredients you cannot pronounce, can spiral into all kinds of health problems that can affect your quality of life. Below are some simple tips to get you started on a healthier path.

Shop the Perimeter- While doing your grocery shopping, stick to the outside perimeter of the market as much as you can. When you picture the layout of the store you will realize that this is where you find produce, fresh meats, deli, dairy, and frozen fruits and vegetables. The middle aisles contain the bags, boxes, and cans of things we like to avoid as much as possible.

Farmer’s Markets- If you can plan your weekly menu around your local farmer’s market, you cannot go wrong. Shopping local is great for the environment and supporting family owned businesses. The meats, eggs, and produce you find are often organic without the hefty price tag. The food is fresh and thus packed with all the precious vitamins and nutrients often lost over time and travel when purchased at the grocery store.

Grocery Delivery Service- Most major chains and even private owned markets will offer grocery delivery service. Having your groceries delivered is not only a huge stress saver but can also help you stick to a healthy eating plan. By avoiding strolling through the market, you will not be tempted by the less healthy options around the store. Having your groceries delivered is a pretty fail safe plan to avoiding the temptation of the ice cream aisle.

Shop on a full Stomach- Never shop hungry. You will load up with things you wouldn’t normally buy simply because of your cravings at that moment. Try to eat a high protein snack before entering the store if you cannot manage to eat a meal.

Eating healthy does not have to be a challenge. Following these simple guidelines will get you started and help you avoid the mass amounts of junk food we are surrounded with in today’s world.

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