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Working too much? A grocery delivery service can provide some relief!

You, like many Americans, probably work too much. Surprisingly, in countries where they have shorter work weeks, longer breaks, paid leave, and shorter days, the production levels are higher. There is a definite correlation between leisure time and employee morale. Americans don’t seem to understand this concept. We spend our weekdays busting ourselves and what little time we have with our friends and family, we spend taking care of all the things we neglected while living at the office or trying to provide some grand experience for our children to make up for all of the disconnect.

So where does family time come in? At the grocery store? In line at the post office? We deserve better. I can’t change the culture of America’s workaholic tendencies but here are two simple tips to save time and direct that time towards your family and leisure.

-Use delivery services! So much time can be saved using things like Amazon and your local grocery delivery service. If the weekend is the only time you have to shop, the grocery and department stores are ridiculous. The crowds and the florescent lighting are the perfect combination for young children to meltdown. Get your groceries delivered and spend that time cooking leisurely with your children underfoot or actively helping. Have your toilet paper delivered on a schedule and never make an emergency run again!

-Home entertainment! Netflix. Board games. Mario Cart. You don’t have to leave home and fight crowds to have a wonderful time together. Stay home in your comfy clothes and enjoy the simplicity of honest to goodness family time. Eliminate that pressure to have a good time because the tickets were so expensive. We truly don’t need the bells and whistles to enjoy ourselves.

Is it really as simple as using a grocery delivery service and not waiting in line for toilet paper? Maybe so. I think any time we can cut out the stressful situations that we put ourselves and our children in, we can focus that energy and the connections we all need for healthy relationships. Put up your feet, put on a movie, have your groceries delivered, wear comfy pants, and just chill. You won’t regret it.

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