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Grocery Delivery 101

Grocery shopping can be a huge drain on your time, especially when you have to go to the market during the peak shopping hours after work or on the weekends. The aisle jams, the lines, the screaming children. There really are not many things I dread more. The dentist, maybe. If you have never considered using a grocery delivery service, here are a few things to think about when getting started.

Delivery Fees-

Ask about delivery fees and also ask if the food delivery workers accept tips. Some companies will factor gratuity into the price while other drivers depend on tips to supplement their wages.


You will need to be home when your groceries arrive. In a bind, you could leave coolers on the front porch but delivery companies do require the signature of an adult for alcohol or tobacco products.

Online Specials-

Unfortunately, having your groceries delivered will not allow you to use paper coupons but don’t forget to look for online specials. These discounts are only available to delivery customers and can really help balance some of the extra money you pay for delivery services.


Since you won’t be able to handpick your produce, be sure to take a close look at everything as soon as possible after you have your groceries delivered. If you notice that quality is an issue, be sure to call and note this to a manager. You are paying for this service and quality should not suffer.

You may still have to go to the grocery store for perishable items or last minute menu changes but it’s nothing like navigating those crowded aisles for the better part of your Saturday. Call your local market, see if they offer grocery delivery service, and you won’t be sorry!

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