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Simple Grocery Shopping Tips!

Eating a whole foods diet is your best way to maintaining a healthy weight and providing optimal care to your mind and body. Many of us fall into the habit of eating boxed, premade foods that are high in sodium, and ingredients you cannot pronounce. This is an easy trap when we feel too busy and overwhelmed to notice the havoc an unhealthy diet can have on our bodies. Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

Shop Local- The obvious choice here is the farmer’s market where you can find fresh local produce, meats, and eggs. These vendors often use sustainable and pesticide free methods of farming even without that USDA organic food label that would require them to raise their prices. If you like to purchase your meat in bulk, look online for local farms or talk directly to the folks working the market. This is good for your health and your conscience as you support local families instead of factories.

Shop the Outer Aisles- The outside aisles of a grocery store usually consists of dairy, meats, produce, frozen foods. Try to do the bulk of your shopping here and avoid the canned, boxed, and pre-packaged foods. You’ll want to steer clear of much of the frozen food section as well with the exception of frozen fruits and vegetables which are second in nutrient content only to fresh.

Grocery Delivery Service- A few major chains and even private owned markets will offer grocery delivery service. Having your groceries delivered to your front door is not only a practical way to save time, but can also help you stick to a healthy eating plan. By avoiding that stroll through the market, you will not be tempted by the less healthy options around the store. Having your groceries delivered is a pretty fail safe plan to avoiding the temptation of the ice cream aisle.

Never Shop Hungry- You will load up your shopping cart with things you wouldn’t normally buy simply because of your cravings at that moment. Try to eat a high protein snack before entering the store if you cannot manage to eat a meal first. Just don’t be ravenous!

The road to healthy eating can be difficult at first, as with most major life changes. Following these tips will start you on the path to clean living and before you know it, it will be second nature.

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