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Nothing worse than a crowded grocery store. . .

There is almost nothing worse than a crowded grocery store. Maneuvering through the aisles with a mammoth sized grocery cart, trying to reach over the six people standing in front of the taco shells is my version of hell. Over the years I have made a fine art of getting my groceries without facing those crowds. Depending on your work schedule, if you can get to the grocery store on a weekday mid-morning, it will feel like a dream. No lines and no hustle bustle. You can get in and get what you need without having to brush shoulders hundreds of other stressed out shoppers. I’ll stay late at work for the chance to sneak out midday for my peaceful grocery shopping.

NFL Games are the perfect time to go shopping. The bigger the game, the better the opportunity. Now, I suppose this would require to you miss part of the game, but if you are okay with that, it is well worth it. You will never see the groceries store as empty on a Sunday afternoon as you do during NFL football. It’s like a dream!

Have you ever used a grocery delivery service? It always seemed like too much of a luxury thing for me but my only regret now is not doing it sooner. If I can’t arrange my schedule to get to the store during a slow time, I have my groceries delivered! It is as simple as calling around to the stores you probably already shop at, asking them about their grocery delivery service, and making your order.

Many have online options so you can browse the selection at your leisure and choose a time you will be home to have your groceries delivered.

Life is too short to waste in grocery store lines! If you have small children than you know that patience is too short as well! I hope you can get to the store on a Tuesday morning or during the Super Bowl! If not, have a service like The Grocery Runners bring them to your front door!

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