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The Grocery Runners: Bringing Your Groceries to Your Front Door

Being a parent and having to feed your family can be a lot of work. In addition to finding the time to cook a decent meal, you have to go to the grocery store when you’d rather be spending time with your family. Healthy food delivery options aren’t exactly abundantly available either. I remember when I had my first baby, my friend in NYC wanted to have food sent to us and was shocked that we didn’t have a grocery delivery service. That was back in 2012. Needless to say, when Kroger ClickList rolled out, it was like the BEST thing since, well, EVER. The convenience of not having to step foot in the store, but instead drive-up, and have your groceries loaded in your car. Uh-maze-ing!

Sadly, my feelings of excitement didn’t last that long. Leave it to my friend to burst my bubble when she said, “Wait, they don’t deliver? And you’re still excited?” She was right. It was a game changer, but if only they delivered. And then, like magic, I receive a door hanger for The Grocery Runners. It was like fireworks went off. Kroger ClickList groceries delivered right to your door for only a $10 (plus 4% of your total grocery bill) delivery fee. Not bad at all!

The timing was perfect for me to give this incredible service a test drive. I was due to go on a solo trip with my 2 kids to visit my mom and while my husband was good about getting some staples for the week, we still needed fresh produce and meat. The LAST thing I wanted to do was go to the store as soon as I got home. So, I took out my computer.

It was so simple! Kroger ClickList already had my favorites and order history. If you haven’t tried Kroger ClickList yet, the ClickList FAQ has all you need to know about how to order online.

STEP ONE:: With a few clicks, I had my list and order for pick up entered.

STEP TWO:: Then, I went to The Grocery Runners website.I entered my zip code to confirm I was in their delivery area (the delivery area is fairly large, but you do need to be near a participating Kroger ClickList location).

STEP THREE:: I created my initial account, and then I created my order by simply entering my name, address, Kroger ClickList Order Number, date and time of pick-up, AND whether or not I wanted my groceries left if I wasn’t home. This was a little bit of an ah-ha moment for me, I DIDN’T HAVE to be home! I had perishables, so I was planning to be home, but if for some reason I couldn’t get home or get to the door in time, I didn’t have to worry. I entered my estimated Kroger ClickList Order amount, whether I wanted to leave a tip, and agreed to the $10 “If Needed” deposit. I received a confirmation email and I was all set!

(Side Note:: I initially a little confused by the “If Needed” deposit, but the FAQ was very thorough, and answered all of my questions with detailed explanations. The $10 is to cover any difference between the estimated and actual grocery bill cost, due to fluctuating produce costs. If the $10 isn’t needed, it is immediately refunded. The FAQ also included pricing information, when to expect your groceries, and how you know when the delivery is on its way.)

STEP FOUR:: Sit back, relax and wait for your groceries to come to you!

The day after I placed my order was my delivery date. My delivery time slot was between 1pm and 2pm. I received an email at 1:02pm saying my delivery was on the way with the driver’s name, photo, AND a link to track him in real time. How cool is that?! At that same moment, I received a text with the link to track him as well. Five minutes later, I received another text from the driver saying my groceries were a few steps from my door. He handed them to me in the doorway because as a safety precaution, the drivers are not allowed to enter your home. He explained any substitutions to my order and informed me there was not a difference between the estimated and actual cost so my full $10 “if needed” deposit would be refunded.

Just like that, I had my groceries delivered to my door for about $15, including tip!

Are you ready to make your life (or someone else’s) a little easier?

Not only is The Grocery Runners convenient and a time saver, but it’s easy to use and affordable as well. I highly encourage all busy moms to give it a try. But, in addition to daily convenience, there are some other times when The Grocery Runners would come in very handy.

  • Give the gift of free grocery delivery to a new or expecting mom.

  • Send groceries to an elderly family member or friend

  • Planning a birthday party? Let The Grocery Runners bring the party (supplies) to you.

  • Is there a friend who has been sick or who has been overwhelmed by sick kiddos? What better way to give her a helping hand than to offer to pay to have her groceries delivered to her!

  • Returning from vacation when the fridge and pantry are bare and you just don’t have the energy to head straight back out to the grocery store. Think of how much stress grocery delivery would relieve!

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