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Top 5 Reasons people Shop Online for Groceries and Have them Delivered.

We live in the era of customer convenience and delivery. Grocery delivery is no exception. Here are the Top 5 reasons (in no particular order) that people gave for using :

1 - Comfort of Home. People overwhelming said that the ease and convenience of ordering from home on their own time was a HUGE reason why they used

2 - No Checkout Lines. The act of having to search for an open cashier, wait, and then UNLOAD your groceries (that you just loaded IN TO your cart) on the converyer belt is not appealing to customers. We don't blame them.

3 - Squeaky Cart Wheels. Yes, this made the list. Apparently that one lopsided, squeaky wheel that makes the cart difficult to push and impossible to steer is the bain of many a persons existence!

4 - The Weather. Loading and unloading heavy bags in the rain, cold or heat is simply not fun, and was a main reason for using

5 - Saving Time. Being able to entirely avoid, or significantly reduce the number of times one goes to the grocery store is a big time saver. Searching for parking, trudging up and down aisles, checkout, loading bags in to your car and unloading when you get home really does consume a lot of time that could be better spent elsewhere.

And there you have it . . .

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