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Practical Ways to Help a Loved One after Surgery

It can be difficult to figure out ways to be helpful without imposing to the family’s privacy. The last thing you want is for the family to feel like they are hosting a guest when you come to visit. I know it is hard for me to have other people in my house while I just sit there. Below are some ways you can help loved ones that are bedridden after surgery or childbirth that truly lessen their burden as well as let the other household members focus on the in-house needs. Care for the other Household Members- The dogs still need walking and the children still need tending. Offer to take the children on outings or give them a ride to school while your friends is healing. If you are close enough to take them overnight, offer a sleepover. Plan to stop by after work to walk the dog or better yet, offer doggy daycare.

Offer to Run Small, Practical Errands- Do they need books picked up or dropped off at the library? Can you pick up great movie they’ve been wanting to see? Maybe the garden needs watering or there is a prescription to pick up. Always bring in the mail when you stop by and ask them if they need anything brought out to the post when you leave.

Give the Gift of Grocery Delivery Service- Even when people plan ahead and make frozen meals, and are probably being bombarded with casseroles, they will still need fresh fruits and vegetables. Having groceries delivered right to the door once a week or so while they are healing will allow them to re-stock on perishable items like milk and eggs. A grocery delivery service such as can accommodate special diet requests like vegan and gluten free so you can customize your order for your loved one and their family.

Keep Them Company- Being bedridden is boring and can be very lonely and depressing. Make sure you don’t get too caught up doing tasks that you forget to sit and chat. Bring a chess board or a deck of cards, put on a pot of tea, and enjoy their company. Flowers and cards are nice to show that you care but they simply aren’t enough to get a bedridden loved one through this trying time. Having groceries delivered, walking the dog, picking up the children from school are all wonderful, practical things you can do to make the healing process stress free and show you care an awful lot.

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