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Adventures in Grocery Shopping. . .

We are a one income family as my husband works full time and I stay home with our three children. Everything we purchase must be carefully weighed out and discussed as to whether it is a necessity or a luxury. We don’t always agree but I can usually find a way to get my point across. One example of an extra expense that took some convincing of the husband was using a grocery delivery service.

I felt it would save us (okay, me) a lot of time, frustration, and even money.

Have you ever gone grocery shopping with three children under the age of seven? Just leaving the house takes twenty minutes! By the time everyone finds their socks, someone decides they have to poop. While said child is in the bathroom, I lost the other two and then suddenly one of them is only wearing ONE sock and the other one has started watching a cartoon which is going to be nearly impossible to drag him away from.

Now we’re all in the car. Car seats. Audiobook. Okay, okay, things are going smoothly.

“Mom, I have to pee.”

“Mom, did you bring snacks?”

Guys, the grocery store is five minutes away. We can pee and eat there. Crying ensues. I whip us into the parking lot and get everyone out as quickly as I can screaming, “Hold hands in the parking lot!” while the child that has to pee is moving the slowest.

Inside the grocery store we go straight to the grocery store bathroom which, in a small down grocery store, requires us to practically walk through the breakroom. Good times. Now everyone has to pee which means I have to hoist up three kids to the sink so they can wash their hands in freezing cold water. The whole time I’m in there I’m just wondering how I can be sure the deli guy washes HIS hands properly after using the bathroom.

Walking out of the bathroom I realize I’ve left my reusable grocery bags in the car. We all trudge back out to get them and by the time we come back in we have been at the grocery store for 34 minutes and I’m touching a shopping cart for the first time. After a brief “discussion” about who gets to ride in the car-built-into-the-cart, I go forth to bang this beastly contraption into as many shelves as possible. It’s very hard to control that thing.

I try to avoid the chip aisle if I can but I need some tortilla chips for a recipe. I end up with Gardettos, Salt and Vinegar chips, Cheese Puffs. No one has the same favorite! The same thing happens in the dairy section and I end up with three flavors of yogurt. Again, in the frozen food section, three differently topped pizzas. You see the pattern here? I’m spending triple what I’d spend if I had the option to have my groceries delivered. A grocery delivery service solve my problems by bringing me all the wonderful things I’ve written on my list and my kids wouldn’t even be thinking about Cheese Puffs!

I’ll spare you the details of the rest of the trip but know they included a broken jar of marinara and another trip to the bathroom.

I only had to do one thing to convince my husband that we need this service and that was to send him to the grocery store with all three children. I gave him a list with about 20 items on it. He came home with a 6-pack of beer and the brochure for Grocery Delivery Service. Boom.

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