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When rest is called for, use a Grocery Delivery Service. . .

The best advice I ever received regarding post partem care was this: First week stay in the bed; second week stay close to bed; third week stay in the house. I heard that shortly before giving birth to my third child and only wished I’d heard it sooner.

In today’s world, there is a lot of pressure on new mothers to recover as quickly as possible from childbirth. This pressure takes away from precious bonding time, disrupts breastfeeding, and exposes the newborn to the outside world much too quickly. Staying in bed for the first week allows the mother to focus solely on her new baby. Skin to skin contact is crucial to a successful breastfeeding relationship and allows the mother to feed on demand with no stress.

That first week while you are in bed snuggling that baby and friends ask if you need anything, suggest they bring a meal. Mothers and mother-in-laws are excellent for keeping the house clean and assisting with older children. Don’t be afraid to splurge during this time and use a grocery delivery service for fresh ingredients to nourish yourself and your family while you recover. Getting groceries delivered will save you from having to take your newborn to the store and allow you to have uninterrupted bonding time.

During the second week, “staying around the bed”, you can begin to participate in household chores but still be able to rest when you need to and nurse your baby on demand with no regard to any schedule. Trust me when I tell you that this will take away so much unneeded stress and worry! Continue to use that grocery delivery service and to take up friends and family on offers to drop off dinner and empty your dishwasher.

After the second week, if you are up for it, you can begin to go on small outings which will be likely be much anticipated by then! Take your baby on walks, short errands, to visit friends, and even to the grocery store. Although, having the groceries delivered sure does sound more appealing. There is not much worse than trying to soothe your crying baby in line at the market!

You may not follow this verbatim, but the point still stands. There is no prize for “getting back to normal” at record speed after giving birth. There is also nothing more valuable or precious than those first couple of week bonding with your baby and sniffing that soft fuzzy little head for days on end. It is a true gift to you and your new child.

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